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Why are we different?

At MyFatoorah, we don’t believe in blending into the crowd – we want to stand out from it. We also want to help your business stand apart from the rest, by offering customers a fast, convenient and safe way to pay online. We take pride in making it easy for clients of any size to process merchant payments online by developing a cloud-based solution that is simple to use. Not only is MyFatoorah straightforward, but it’s also completely customizable, so you can make your software suit your business needs – not the other way around.

There are a number of reasons why we stand head and
shoulders above the rest:


Our software is first and foremost the easiest way to charge clients and accept KNET and credit card payments online. Our many innovative invoicing features makes it easy to accept and receive money on the go, and mobile billing makes it especially easy for your customers to remit invoices. With just a few touches of a screen, you can securely bill customers and safely receive payments to constantly expand your business.


At MyFatoorah, we believe in making our software simple to use for both merchants and vendors – but that doesn’t mean the process of designing our software was simple. We have carefully developed every single feature with security in mind, so you can depend on our software to accept and transfer payments with the highest level of encryption possible. The many layers of SSL security provide you with unparalleled protection against theft and fraud, and offers both you and your clients total peace of mind.


Bill new customers, bill existing customers, bill multiple customers – the choice is yours. We make it simple for you to adjust our software to your needs without having to compromise, providing an unparalleled level of ease and convenience. It is this flexibility and ability to customize that keeps our customers loyal, and that makes our level of service much higher than that of our competitors.

Customer focus

MyFatoorah is more than just a software provider. We are wholly committed to helping businesses thrive, which means constantly listening to feedback and coming up with ways in which we can improve and better deliver our services.