Straightforward elegant interface

MyFatoorah provides the smoothest user-friendly experience from the start of your transaction to finish. The responsive app functions uniformly on both Apple and Android devices for the best user experience ever.

Instant invoices

Invoicing has never been easier. Through MyFatoorah, and using any device, you can access stored customer information, create and send MyFatoorah invoices and accept deposited payments into your account with utmost simplicity and proficiency anytime and anywhere, saving yourself the trouble of collections.

Immediate notifications/Your money has a sound now

MyFatoorah app sends reminders related to your money transactions swiftly to your mobile device, which makes you vigilant to all actions like receiving payments, overdues, reading invoices and more. Notifications sent to your phone in real time keep you in-command of your transactions at all times.

Customizable SMS and WhatsApp invoices

With a push of a button, MyFatoorah App enables you to send direct SMS and WhatsApp messages to your customers anywhere. You can pick the language you want to use and set more custom options that are available for you to explore by yourself.

Comprehensive dashboard

All of your account details are personally stored in one place with easy-to-use dashboard. MyFatoorah provides you with a comprehensive dashboard where you can view the status of your invoices, incoming payments, your account balance and contact customers on-the-go through MyFatoorah control panel. With MyFatoorah dashboard, you gain 24/7 online access to your account and statements.

Swift navigation

The lively navigation in MyFatoorah App gives you full control over your financial activities and transactions even when you’re away from office. The clear navigation courses and prompt links in the App make it easier for you to find instantly what you’re looking for.

Green, personal and secure

Gone are the days of having to write things down and have paper invoices roaming the offices. Protect the integrity of your transactions and personal information. You can select payees directly from within your mobile’s contact list and bill them easily through a secure gateway, saving effort, time and money.