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How to create an invoice?

Below you will see step by step guide how you can create an invoice and send it to your customer with few easy steps, and you can also watch a video tutorial to learn how to create an invoice with MyFatoorah.

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After login click "Create Invoice"


"Create New Invoice" page will open, now you can start entering your customer's details:
a. Enter Customer's "Mobile Number"
b. Enter Customer's "Name"


Enter your Invoice Items, Quantity and price, if you have multiple items click "Add Invoice Item" otherwise click create invoice.


After you are done creating an invoice you will redirect to your Invoices page where you can see history of all of the invoice you have created. In this page you can overview your invoices including:
a. Invoice Number
b. Invoice Item Preview
c. Invoice Total Amount
d. Invoice Status Paid/Unpaid
e. Invoice has been seen by client or not
f. Created date etc.