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Hello Developers

The MyFatoorah API can be used to enable businesses to accept payments and build high quality apps with ease.
We have a series of prepared plugins that can be used in conjunction with today’s most popular platforms such as Opencart, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and WooComerce to make your life easier and shorten the development cycle. Our software can be easily integrated into both new and existing websites, and our user-friendly functionality makes it easy to get set up and running right away.
When it comes to doing business online, you need a payment platform that is reliable, powerful, and easy to integrate into your online store or website – which is why we’ve made sure MyFatoorah is compatible with the following development sites:

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Our Kuwait online payment system works well with a number of different CMS systems, including WordPress. The fastest, easiest and simplest way to get your website up and running, WordPress is a firm favourite with businesses across all the world, and now with our MyFatoorah Wordpress payment gateway plugin, it has never been easier to integrate our system into your website. Simple, single-click installation means you are able to start receiving KNET and credit card payments straight away with no hassle.

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A popular e-commerce platform, OpenCart is a turnkey solution that helps businesses get up and running with online stores with ease. The simplicity of this interface makes it incredibly popular with online shops, and of course, you want to ensure your customers have an easy and safe way to start buying as soon as possible! The MyFatoorah Opencart Payment Extension offers a detailed way to accept payment successfully and safely online. You can easily integrate our Opencart Payment gateway into your website, and admin will then receive notifications of successful payments along with failed payments so that you can rapidly react for a better customer experience.

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As Python is a highly developed programming language, it is ideal for large online stores or e-commerce ventures – or indeed anywhere that a developer needs to write powerful programmes with ease. Our API integration with Python is incredibly simple. This fast and powerful programming language can be well supported by MyFatoorah, as we have an easy-to-integrate Python Plugin. Whether you have an existing Python payment gateway or want to develop one for a new website, our system can be seamlessly integrated so that you are able to accept payments online right away.

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Clean, Simple & Impactful

Visual Basic .NET, launched by Microsoft, is a multifaceted programming language that can help businesses in many different sectors get up and running online. This framework can help you make the most of your business, while the MyFatoorah plug-in helps you make the most of receiving merchant payments. We offer a code that can beplaced into your existing code, using XML to communicate with the MyFatoorah server.