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Our Story

During MyFatoorah race with time on the trail of initiative and precedence in our region to deliver innovative payment solutions that have become one of the most important elements of today's business, MyFatoorah story originated in innovation and development.

With each step there have been new solutions aiming to expand the positive difference for our customers - who are the focus of our attention - with their competitors around the world in terms of time, safety and trust.

The registration procedures in MyFatoorah are simple, fast and flexible, and you can create an account immediately. The control platform of your sales on MyFatoorah is a real fun. MyFatoorah, as a system, is so stable that it can handle thousands of accounts and millions of transactions in real time. E-commerce has never been easier than it is now with MyFatoorah. Any vendor can create his own e-store and integrate payment gateway with MyFatoorah invoicing system and start receiving online payments. In addition, we provide developers with APIs that work efficiently with most existing applications (shopify, opencart, magento, prestashop, woo commerce, Zoho and others). At MyFatoorah, we apply strict Research & Development policies to ensure that our applied APIs can be run with maximum stability on all programming languages including .Net, PHP, Python and Ruby.

MyFatoorah currently supports thousands of satisfied business owners in the Middle East to handle their daily transactions from all around the world with the ease of a button’s touch. Assisting our liable region to thrive, fell around its competitive edge, put technology at work to achieve economic and social development eventually, and this is our social duty that we are committed do in MyFatoorah.